Vintage 1930s AMF Junior Tricycle

Murray Big 4 Pedal Tractor
January 5, 2021
Schwinn Twinn Tandem
June 30, 2021

Vintage 1930s AMF Junior Tricycle

This was another of Kristen’s projects from the barn. She brought it in with the Murray Big 4 Pedal Tractor. The AMF Junior tricycle was from the 1930s. It had the solid rubber tires with a wire running through the middle of them which were completely dry rotted. We sourced the rubber and wire from a supplier of Penny Farthing materials and Noel did a ton of research as to how to install them on the solid wheels. Apparently, it is recommended that a special installation tool be used but Noel did not have that much time, so he fabricated his own installation process. It worked perfectly as intended! We purchased a reproduction vintage head badge decal, new pedals, and grips. Noel did his magic painting the tricycle and wheels and completed the reassembly. Everything turned out spectacular! The tricycle looked like something from the original catalog. It is something very special to keep in the family and pass on to future generations.

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