Vintage 1930s AMF Junior Tricycle
January 5, 2021
1960s Schwinn Jaguar
June 30, 2021

Jim and Irene purchased the Schwinn Twinn Tandem at Davis Bicycles in 1965 in Fostoria, Ohio. It was given to their daughters on Christmas morning that year. At the time Beth was only 9 years old. The bike was well enjoyed throughout the girls’ childhoods. Beth’s sister kept the tandem in her possession during her adult years but eventually gave it to her sister Beth to keep. Since it was ridden a lot, it started showing the normal signs of wear and tear. After all, it was made in 1965. Over the years, Beth always wanted to find a place who could restore the bicycle. Beth’s husband Scott found us and contacted us. They live in Odessa, Florida so they didn’t have to travel very far to bring the bicycle to us. Originally, we were going to try to do just a functional restoration to preserve the originality of the bicycle but as we began to disassemble everything, it became apparent that a new candy red paint job would look much nicer and allow us to make the bicycle look new like on that Christmas morning in 1965. We contacted Scott, sent him some pictures, and he agreed to the paint upgrade. We were able to clean up the chrome but everything else was completely redone. The before and after pictures really tell the story. Beth was so excited when she came to pick up the bike that she cried tears of joy!

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