1967 Schwinn Slik Chik
April 21, 2023
1976 Huffy Sunsail (Beatles Yellow Submarine Bicycle)
April 21, 2023

1969 Schwinn Stingray

Mark received the Schwinn Stingray when he was a young boy. He held onto it for decades and finally decided to have it fully restored for his grandson. He wanted the rusty parts chromed so we tried a new chrome plating company in Ohio. The new company used a direct plating technique. When it came back it wasn’t as shiny as we had expected, but it was chromed as opposed to rusty, so we sent the pictures to our customer who approved them. We have since found a new chrome plating service which is much more expensive but puts out showroom quality work. Aside from the chrome work, Noel completely restored the frame, fork, and chain guard. He re-spoked the wheels onto the chromed rims with new stainless steel spokes. A NOS polo sissy bar and polo saddle were purchased along with new tires, tubes, rim strips, pedals, and chain. We purchased the Schwinn Stingray decals on eBay and installed them on the bike. Mark was thrilled when he arrived to pick it up. He now has one very happy grandson!

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