Vintage Panda BMX Supercross Bicycle
November 16, 2021
1890s Euclid Knapp Spaulding Co. Bicycle
November 16, 2021

Kevin brought us a Schwinn Fastback that has been in his family for decades. It needed fresh paint, new decals, chrome clean up, new tires, etc. Kevin supplied a new polo saddle and the Fastback decals that he purchased on Ebay. Noel did his usual magic stripping the paint, etc. and painting it a multi-coat candy blue. Once he applied the decals, he shot the bike with a clear coat. Noel cleaned up the chrome, and reassembled the bicycle with new tires, tubes, rim strips, chain, and pedals, along with the polo saddle. Kevin and his wife were thrilled with the restoration. They plan on gifting it to a grandson when he becomes old enough to appreciate it.

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