1890s Euclid Knapp Spaulding Co. Bicycle

1960s Schwinn Fastback
November 16, 2021
Custom Willie Wonka Couch Recumbent
November 16, 2021

Oscar bought an 1890s Euclid Knapp Spaulding Co. bicycle in parts. It had wooden wheels that were totally shot. He didn’t want it painted but he wanted wooden wheels rebuilt and he wanted a full reassembly. We found a company on Ebay in Italy who makes the wooden wheel hoops. We sent the link to Oscar. He purchased the hoops that we told him to and had them shipped to us. It took several months before we received the custom wooden rims. The challenge while we waited on the hoops, was removing the hubs and sprocket from the old wheels because they were seized in place. It took several months, yes, several months of soaking the parts in penetrant before Noel could get them apart. He couldn’t risk breaking them because they are not easily replaceable. Once everything cooperated, Noel was able to lace new black spokes into the custom-made wooden hoops from Italy. Noel had been soaking the chain along with the seized parts, so once it broke free, he was able to clean it and install it onto the bicycle. Oscar bought cream color tires that were installed on the wooden wheels. Noel reassembled the rest of the bicycle, overhauling the hubs, and bottom bracket. Once finished it looked like something that jumped out of the history books. What a piece of art! Oscar was thoroughly over the moon. It was such a privilege to take on such a rare project.

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