Custom Willie Wonka Couch Recumbent

1890s Euclid Knapp Spaulding Co. Bicycle
November 16, 2021
Vintage Hopalong Cassidy Bicycle
January 19, 2022

Willie has been our customer since we opened our doors. He has a bad back but he loves to ride a bicycle so he built a custom contraption that he could ride that doesn’t hurt his back. We called it the bicycle couch! Willie painted it originally, but it didn’t turn out very well. After seeing some of Noel’s projects, he decided to ask Noel to paint it for him. Noel scuffed up Willie’s paint and shot an orange acrylic over the top. It was a far cry from Willie’s spray can job. Willie was delighted! He said he may have another project for us. Look for him around St. Petersburg, Florida.

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