Vintage Panda BMX Supercross Bicycle

Vintage Mercier Bicycle
November 16, 2021
1960s Schwinn Fastback
November 16, 2021

Scott’s girlfriend found us online and called us about restoring a vintage Panda Supercross Bicycle for her boyfriend. Scott received the bike as a young boy. It was a present from his hard-working single Mother who worked multiple jobs. He was so grateful for the bicycle, that he never let it out of his site. Over the years the paint began to fade and the decals started to peel off. Finally, he decided to look into having it restored. We spoke to him multiple times after he sent us some pictures of the frame. Once we gained his trust, he shipped the frame to us. Noel did his usual thing stripping, media blasting, priming, sanding, and painting the frame it’s original blue color. We had to send out the decals to a third party vendor to get them recreated. They were recreated as water slides. Noel carefully applied the custom decals and clear coated over them. The frame turned out amazing! We carefully packed the frame with a lot of protective shipping materials and sent it back to him insured against damage. When Scott got the restored frame, he called us. He was blown away! He couldn’t believe it! He was overjoyed. He has since sent us the fork to be painted to match the frame.

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