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March 23, 2022
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March 23, 2022

Trek Lemond Road Bike

Originally, we were going to only disassemble and paint the frame and fork for the customer who owned a Trek Lemond road bicycle. He had a friend who made new decals and would install them once the paint work was completed. As it turned out, the friend ruined the paint when he applied the decals and the decals looked awful. The customer brought the frame and fork back to us with a new set of decals and asked us to install them. Due to the ruined paint, Noel had to repaint the frame and fork. He installed the custom decals, but it was very tricky because they decals were printed on a very thick decal paper that did not include any transfer tape. After carefully installing the decals, Noel clear coated over them to protect them and seal them. Afterwards, he overhauled the components and reassembled the bicycle. What a difference! This customer wasn’t thrilled with the cost of the restoration which we kept within a very tight budget, and he initially refused to pick it up. The increase in costs were due to his friend ruining what we had done. We had to re-do the paint, now install decals that we didn’t create, and clear coat. We charged him what we consider is fair based on the scope of work that changed throughout the process. He got a smoking deal but wanted to argue about it. The bike had been abandoned more than 30 days after he refused to pick it up. We were just about ready to sell it to get our money out of it, when the customer showed up to pay for it and pick it up. He couldn’t argue with the quality of the restoration, but he was not happy with the price. The customer said he was going to write negative reviews on us and tell everyone that he knew not to use us. We told him we appreciate any and all feedback. Nobody would have done what we did for the low price that we charged!

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