Savory Spice Shop Custom Tricycle
March 23, 2022
Trek Lemond Road Bike
March 23, 2022

JoAnne found us on the internet. Her husband had purchased a vintage Columbia Tandem bicycle as a gift for her. The idea was to restore it so that the two of them could ride it and enjoy it together. Time passed and the restoration never happened. Her husband passed before it was even started. JoAnne lives in Georgia but also has a place in Florida. She brought the tandem to us to bring it back to life. She said she wanted to ride it with her sister when it was done. We did the usual disassembly, strip, and sandblast. Noel also fabricated a chain guard and found a vintage Columbia head badge for it. He painted it blue and white and added white pinstripe accents. It came out beautifully! JoAnne sent her brother to pick it up because she was still in Georgia when it was finished. As far as we know she hasn’t seen it yet, but she said she will send a picture of her sister and herself riding the tandem when she gets back to Florida.

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