Hutch Trick Star Bicycle
December 21, 2020
Custom Low Rider
December 21, 2020

Joseph found us through our website. He lives in Lakeland, about an hour and a half from our shop. However, he had no problem driving over to have his girlfriend’s Huffy Easy Going Bicycle restored. He wanted it done for her because she had it since she was a child. It was rusty and dusty but mostly complete. He had a budget and a timeline so we took special care to make it all happen within both for him. The bicycle appeared brown until we stripped the paint and found out that the real color was more of gold metallic. Fortunately, we were able to match the paint to the original color. We replaced many of the chrome parts because they were too far gone and it was cheaper to replace than to have the parts re-chromed. Joseph also insisted that we add a pink basket, grips, and a bell. We took care of that and created a decal with block letters for the chain guard. Joseph kept it a secret until his girlfriend saw that he gave us a deposit for the work on their debit card. At that point, he had to tell her what was going on but he didn’t give her any details. When she saw the bicycle she was super surprised. She had no idea that it would look better than when it was new. She couldn’t wait to get back home with a bicycle to show her family and friends. Joseph got a huge hug and kiss!

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