Huffy Easy Going
December 21, 2020
Schwinn BF Goodrich Streamliner
December 21, 2020

Custom Low Rider

Mike bought a low rider bicycle from another one of our customers. It was green with black accents. We convinced him that it had much more potential. He didn’t realize that we did restoration services until we showed him some of the other builds in the shop. That was it! He said he wanted a purple frame with everything else blacked out. We ordered a set of 25-inch hi-rise handlebars in black, a set of black pedals, and a black mud flap. Noel painted the frame a beautiful sparkling purple and painted the stem, sissy bar, seat post, kickstand, and springer fork flat black. We also ordered chrome spike valve caps and axle nuts from eBay. Mike had his seat custom covered with black leather and purple stitching. He also added a spiked pad for the stem. The bike turned out great! It won first place in the Patriot’s Day Bicycle Show in Plant City in November!

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