Schwinn BF Goodrich Streamliner
December 21, 2020
Columbia Bicycle
December 21, 2020

Custom Low Rider Bicycle

Matt can’t get enough of our restoration services! Not only did we restore 2 bicycles for his twin girls for Christmas last year, but he also had us custom assemble a bicycle for his father, and he brought us a basket case low rider that he wanted to be restored. It was a real challenge! Some parts were totally missing. Noel mixed up black cherry merlot paint for the frame, rims, and other parts. The paint changes colors in the sun! Noel also did lots of custom work such as cutting off the chain guard to a shorter length and converting the wheels to 72 spokes by totally rebuilding them. The rear wheel was even converted to a 3 speed as well. We also found a laid back seat post and decent chain. Matt supplied the seat, grips, and pedals. For the finishing touch, Noel added chrome flame decals to the top tube. Matt lost his mind when he saw the bike. When he took it for a ride he said: “It’s the best bicycle I’ve ever had”! This one for sure will be a trophy winner someday.

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