Custom Low Rider Bicycle
December 21, 2020
Dyno Detour Bicycle
December 21, 2020

Columbia Bicycle

This is the second bicycle we restored for Ava. Her first bike was a restored Sears muscle bicycle that she received last year. Her sister Abby got a restored Kia muscle bicycle as well. They are twins after all so they both wanted cool bicycles. Ava had a major growth spurt and grew out of her Sears bicycle quickly. She saw an old Columbia Bicycle in our shop and told her Mom that she wanted it, but she wanted it restored. She wanted it custom painted teal with purple dropouts. Since the bicycle she rode at our shop was complete, Noel found an old Columbia frame and fork which he stripped, sandblasted, primed, and painted to her specifications. We ordered new shiny fenders and new whitewall tires for the project. We had the rest of the new parts in stock including the old school reflectors and grips. The bicycle came out beautiful. Ava’s response when she saw it was both thumbs up! She should be able to ride the bicycle for many years to come!

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