Bratz Bicycle Restoration
June 21, 2022
1967 Peugeot PX10
January 24, 2023

Sears Free Spirit Bicycle

One of our clients brought in a vintage Sears Free Spirit bicycle for restoration. The chrome was in very rough shape. It was too rusty to be cleaned up or re-chromed. We decided that the best course of action was to locate a parts bike that had chrome in a much better condition. It took months to finally find the parts bicycle. Our client had a strict budget so it was extremely important to find a donor bike that was priced right and would fall within her budget for the scope of the entire project. While we searched for a parts bike, Noel did the disassembly and soaked any parts that remained useable in order to clean them. The rest of the bike was stripped, media blasted, primed, and painted candy blue. Our client opted to go without custom created decals due to the cost. Once all the stars aligned with the parts bike and paint process, we reassembled the bike. It turned out to be very pretty. The best part was the smooth ride. Our client was so happy with the project that they sent us a short note of thanks!

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