Trek Lemond Carbon bicycle
December 21, 2020
Armstrong 3 speed Cruiser Bicycle
December 21, 2020

Schwinn Heavy Duti

Kim checked out our restorations on our website and called us about a 1960s Schwinn Heavy Duti. She wanted it restored for her father within a budget. Her Father had the bicycle as a child and it was sold at some point. Kim was lucky enough to find it years later at a yard sale. Originally she hoped to be able to give it to him for Christmas, but our restoration schedule was booked up beyond Christmas. Therefore, we agreed upon Father’s Day for the reveal. Noel got to work on the bike while he was working on other projects simultaneously. He disassembled the bicycle and cleaned up many of the chrome parts in the parts washer. Some parts that were too far gone were replaced with new parts or eBay purchases. Noel stripped the paint, sandblasted the frame and fork, primed, and painted the bicycle its original color. Once he reassembled it, the bicycle looked as it had when Kim’s Father had it years ago. Kim was overjoyed! She gave it to her Father as planned on Father’s Day. He was speechless! He called our shop and told Noel that he made an old man very happy and drove him to tears of joy. That’s why Noel does this stuff! We have another satisfied customer!

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