Royal Enfield Tricycle
December 22, 2020
Schwinn Fair Lady
December 22, 2020

Mary Brady Tricycle

So, we had a rusty tricycle out in front of the store that we were trying to sell as-is. That’s when we met Rus. She was preparing for knee surgery and wanted us to restore the trike for her so that she could rehab her knee after the surgery. She wanted the color to be “Kiss My Ass” Red with white trim. Noel took the trike apart, stripped it down to the metal, sandblasted it, and painted it the special “Kiss My Ass Red”. The process took several weeks and ran in tandem with her knee surgery. After the surgery, she called and said that she decided to name the trike “The Mary Brady”, like a ship, because it would be her vessel back to recovery and she kind of liked the lady who sold it to her. She got exactly what she wanted, custom decal and all! Once it was completed, we delivered it and christened it accordingly. Rus stop in every once in a while to let us know how she’s doing. Good luck with a full recovery Rus!

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