1979 Huffy Sweet Thunder Bicycle
May 8, 2014
1962 Schwinn American
December 21, 2020

This is the second bicycle that we have done for Don. The first one we did for him was a Masi road bike. He wanted it painted an ivory color. He purchased the parts that he wanted and decided to go without decals. For the second bike, he wanted something special to give to his girlfriend for her birthday. Since he was happy with his Masi road bike, he wanted the same brand for his girlfriend with a custom paint job and components that he would purchase. It just so happened that we had a Masi road bicycle frame and fork in her size! We sold him the frame and fork, then discussed the restoration. Her favorite color was blue so we looked at several shades until he picked one that he liked. Noel painted the frame and fork and installed the parts purchased by Don as well as Masi decals. His girlfriend fell in love with the bicycle! Now they both have custom painted Masi road bikes!

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