Dyno Detour Bicycle
December 21, 2020
Trek Lemond Carbon bicycle
December 21, 2020

Creamsicle Dream Machine

Sebastian brought us a rough tricycle that he wanted to be transformed into his vision. When I say rough, I mean really rough. It was painted with a weird gold looking color with the rear basket held together with a dog leash! What Sebastian wanted was “The Creamsicle Dream Machine”. Noel took the tricycle apart and started working on stripping the frame. He primed and painted it the custom color of a creamsicle. Other parts were painted the same color while others were painted white to go with the creamsicle theme. We purchased and painted a new fork. We also purchased a canopy and wide 2.5 tires for the build. Since Sebastian is a rather tall man, Noel had to fabricate braces to raise the rear basket and canopy up so that Sebastian could ride it. We had a custom head badge created for it and a custom rear license plate created for finishing touches. Sebastian was blown away at the reveal. He told Noel that “He knocked it out of the park”!

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