1975 Schwinn Continental
December 21, 2020
Custom Photo Shoot with 2 Schwinn Restorations, a Custom Sting Ray, & a Cool Old Truck
December 21, 2020

1973 Schwinn Apple Krate

Jay called the shop because he had been watching a Schwinn Apple Krate on eBay and he wanted Noel’s opinion as to whether the bicycle was priced reasonably. After speaking with Noel, he decided to purchase the bike. Once he received it, he brought it in for Noel to see in person and decided that he wanted us to do an overhaul and cleaning/detail on it to get it fully functional. Upon disassembly, Noel noticed that there was yellow paint on the bicycle that was hidden by some of the parts used in the assembly. The bicycle may have actually been a lemon Peeler as opposed to an Apple Krate. Noel called Jay to let him know. Jay came in and saw the yellow paint areas firsthand. At that point, he asked Noel to properly paint the bicycle with the candy apple red color. Noel did just that and he also sourced water transfer Schwinn Apple Krate decals to complete the bicycle as a restored Schwinn Apple Krate. The chrome was in good condition so it was polished up. The bicycle came with all of the old Apple Krate accessories such as a baseball bat, ball glove, turn signals, lights, etc. It truly had everything! After the assembly was completed with all of the accessories installed, the restored Schwinn Apple Krate evolved. Jay was blown away when he saw it! It was everything and more that he envisioned. We sent the before and after photos of the bicycle to Jay and he promptly uploaded some of them to our google business page along with a 5-star review!

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