Mid 1970s Sears Free Spirit
December 21, 2020
1975 Schwinn Continental
December 21, 2020

1966 Schwinn Fastback

Wes lives on the east coast of Florida. He found us online and checked out our website. He had a Schwinn Fastback that he had been given as a young child. He was very impressed with Noel’s work, so he brought it to our shop for a full restoration. It was very rusty and faded. Noel painted the frame, fork, and chainguard the original Schwinn magenta color. He cleaned up the rusty chrome parts to make them look like new. He installed new tires, tubes, rim strips, chains, reflectors, and cables. He also sourced Schwinn Fastback water slide decals. New spokes were built into the cleaned chrome rims. The bicycle was completely overhauled with new bearings and grease. It ended up stunning. It looked like it was straight out of the 1966 Schwinn catalog. When Wes saw it, he couldn’t believe that it was his bicycle. He shook his head in amazement. He thanked Noel for taking him back to the fun times he had during his childhood. It was another very touching experience!

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