Noel’s Corner


1979 Huffy Sweet Thunder Bicycle

This is the owner's story. I was not a very brave child, but I was a perfectionist. This combination made learning to ride a bike very difficult. I didn’t want to fall, I couldn’t do it, so I gave up pretty easily. I watched all my friends learn how to ride, get their brand new bikes, and ride them to and from school. Since we could go home for lunch at the time too, it was prime time for kids to race home on their new found freedom wheels. This girl had to do the walk of no bike shame. So, my family threw down the challenge. “You learn to ride, we’ll take you shopping for a new bike and you can ride it to school.” “Any bike?” Well, when I heard the agreement, I knew which one. I had seen her on the floor at Toys R Us...the pink one with the fancy tires! I practiced every day I could in the driveway at my grandparents house, both of them, along with my dad holding on the back and helping me find my balance. Until the magical day when they let go and I wobbled down the blacktop runway, unaware they had released me. The bike was purchased, and I’m pretty sure this was a family effort, since my parents did not have the funds to buy a bike like that at the time. I rode that bike and I’m sure my smile was wider than the seat on that thing! It got a lot of attention that first day at lunch, even as the infamous Jenny D. asked to ride her, spineless me agreed, and she took off on it and left it on the side of the road two streets down. I went back to school bikeless, and the teacher and someone (maybe my mom?) helped me recover her. From that day on, she didn’t leave my sight unless in my grandpa’s garage or with the pink chain securing her in the bike racks outside of school. My favorite places to ride her were on the prairie path, in the empty field next to the house, but especially with my Barbie Case or roller skates in hand, navigating my way to play at Sarah’s house for the afternoon, or to catch the bus to Northside Pool for a day of swimming. I eventually outgrew her (why do I hear Toy Story music playing right now?) and she was handed down to my sister and three cousins to ride in that same driveway. Then, she found retirement in the metal shed in the back yard. She survived many spring shed clean and purges, as I could never give the green light to get rid of her. Gramps passed in 2012 and when cleaning out some things, I still asked the family to hold it until I could bring her down to Florida. Gram joined him earlier this year, and the house was being prepared to be out on the market. In spite of Covid, I flew up to Chicago, rented a van, packed up Sweet Thunder and brought her to her new home. She was in rough shape. Our whole family was, really, with the loss of the heads of our family and the sale of the home that brought us together for 50 years. She hung in our Florida garage as a reminder of all those moments and memories the Miller family shared. And then...on my birthday, after cake and singing and gifts, my husband took me outside in the moonlight and removed the blanket covering her. A sight for sore eyes, indeed. A few months ago, he had taken her to Vintage Bicycles in St. Pete. They cleaned her up, replaced the chain, pedals, and tires, repainted the frame and found new decals, and replaced the basket. They kept the original bread loaf seat, and I kind of like that you can still see the wear and a little tear from a fall one day going too fast down Surrey past Tom and Kirk’s houses. She’s a beauty. I haven’t taken her out for a ride yet. For now, I just look at her and smile. That bike taught me the life lessons of perseverance and independence, showed me the importance of the love and support of my family, and represents all that is good about my childhood. Welcome home, baby.


Early 2000s Masi Road Bike

This is the second bicycle that we have done for Don. The first one we did for him was a Masi road bike. He wanted it painted an ivory color. He purchased the parts that he wanted and decided to go without decals. For the second bike, he wanted something special to give to his girlfriend for her birthday. Since he was happy with his Masi road bike, he wanted the same brand for his girlfriend with a custom paint job and components that he would purchase. It just so happened that we had a Masi road bicycle frame and fork in her size! We sold him the frame and fork, then discussed the restoration. Her favorite color was blue so we looked at several shades until he picked one that he liked. Noel painted the frame and fork and installed the parts purchased by Don as well as Masi decals. His girlfriend fell in love with the bicycle! Now they both have custom painted Masi road bikes!




1962 Schwinn American

After we were featured on Fox 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay with Charley Belcher, Carlos brought in an old Schwinn Typhoon bicycle. He wanted it fully restored. It was missing some of the original parts and in need of restoration. Upon research of the serial number from the bicycle, catalog pictures of various Schwinn bicycles, and the overall appearance of the bicycle, Noel determined that the bicycle was not a Schwinn Typhoon at all. It was really a Schwinn American that had been made into a Schwinn Typhoon. Carlos decided that he wanted the bicycle to be restored as a Schwinn American as it would have been originally. He dug up a catalog picture of a Schwinn American that he remembered seeing as a child. He wanted his bicycle to look exactly like the picture that he found. It was a beautiful candy blue color with the blue and white Schwinn “S” saddle and blue Schwinn grips. Noel sourced the exact saddle and grips needed. He meticulously painted the frame, fork, and chainguard the Schwinn candy blue color over a silver base coat. It took several candy coats to build up the color to the exact shade. Noel cleaned up the chrome parts, installed new white wall tires, tubes, rim strips, and chain. He also sourced the Schwinn American water slide decals to complete the restoration. It came out gorgeous! Carlos was amazed! Now he wants us to find a Schwinn Tandem and Schwinn Tricycle so that he can have them restored and added to his collection. We are currently sourcing them. If you have one, reasonably priced, in rough shape, suitable for restoration, please give us a call!


Mid 1970s Sears Free Spirit

Becky came into the shop on a whim. She noticed some of our old bicycles out front and was curious as to what we might have inside. She immediately fell in love with our dogs! Mary showed her some of the restorations that we had in progress and many of our vintage bicycles. She loved everything that she saw. She inquired if we had ever restored a Sears Ted Williams Free Spirit. We hadn’t but Mary assured her that it was within our area of expertise. Becky had a twin brother whose favorite thing in the world was his Sears Ted Williams Free Spirit bicycle. He had it for many years and rode it all the time. She wondered if we could restore it for her as a gift for her twin brother. It was late October and she wanted it for Christmas because she didn’t know what else she could get for him. It was a very tight timeline. We worked up an estimate and timeline which would deliver the restoration by Christmas Eve. There weren’t any aftermarket Free Spirit decals available so we had to turn to one of our professional colleagues, Mike Griesemer to get him to come in, take measurements, and create the artwork. He did a stellar job creating the decals as water slides. They matched the font and colors exactly! Noel painted the bicycle the original bright white, cleaned up the chrome parts, ran new cables, re-spoked the wheels into new chrome rims, and installed new grips, tires, tubes, and rim strips. We kept the original saddle. The restoration turned out great! These are Becky’s words after she gave the bicycle to her twin brother. “My brother LOVES the work you've done!! I had put the bike by the tree after he went to bed Christmas Eve, and he saw it before I came down this morning, but he is absolutely delighted with it. Although he was busy the whole time he was here, and had to get back to Boca Raton for early morning work crews coming in on Thursday, he found time to take the bike for a two-mile spin. He said that everything worked perfectly. Your depth and breadth of knowledge and your refined craftsmanship really shows! I told him that I felt good about leaving the bike with you because I had seen your work, and because you were able to give me an idea of the restoration costs. I also explained that the shop was co-run by three four-legged angels, so I knew I could trust you. About the basket; apparently, shortly after my brother bought the bike, an elderly neighbor offered the basket to him as what he thought, was a very practical gift. My brother attached it to the bike so the neighbor could see that he was using it and has found it to be, actually, very practical;) Sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you!”




1966 Schwinn Fastback

Wes lives on the east coast of Florida. He found us online and checked out our website. He had a Schwinn Fastback that he had been given as a young child. He was very impressed with Noel’s work, so he brought it to our shop for a full restoration. It was very rusty and faded. Noel painted the frame, fork, and chainguard the original Schwinn magenta color. He cleaned up the rusty chrome parts to make them look like new. He installed new tires, tubes, rim strips, chain, reflectors, and cables. He also sourced Schwinn Fastback water slide decals. New spokes were built into the cleaned chrome rims. The bicycle was completely overhauled with new bearings, and grease. It ended up stunning. It looked like it was straight out of the 1966 Schwinn catalog. When Wes saw it, he couldn’t believe that it was his bicycle. He shook his head in amazement. He thanked Noel for taking him back to the fun times he had during his childhood. It was another very touching experience!


1975 Schwinn Continental

Chris showed up at our shop with a much ridden, quite cosmetically rough Schwinn Continental. He wanted it restored for sentimental reasons as it belonged to his brother who left this world at a young age. Before his passing, his brother used to ride the bicycle everywhere. It truly was a part of him. Chris shared his fond personal memories of his brother and the bicycle with us. For those reasons, he wanted to have the bicycle touched up and refreshed so that he could continue to preserve his brother’s memory with the bicycle. Noel ordered the Schwinn Air Dry Touch Up Enamel in the original Chestnut brown color. He also sourced original brown Schwinn plastic bar tape and a period correct saddle which would have been original to the bicycle because the one on it wasn’t correct. Chris decided to go with all new cables, brake pads, new spokes, new tires, new crank and fork bearings, and a new chain. Once the restoration plan was agreed upon, Noel disassembled the bicycle and started the touch up process. Noel was NOT happy with the appearance of the touch up at all. He contacted Chris to discuss it and told him that the touch up really wasn’t doing the project the true justice that it deserved. Chris understood and decided to have Noel work his magic with a full Schwinn Chestnut Brown paint job and NOS water slide decals. The bicycle came out beautiful! Chris brought his brother’s childhood friend who was very familiar with the bicycle and had ridden it many times to our shop for the restoration reveal. The friend rode a short maiden voyage on the bicycle. He was very impressed with the restoration. It was a very emotional moment! Right when Chris and his friend began to leave our shop, the rear tire blew off the rim and it sounded like a gunshot! It startled all of us! Noel quickly remedied the issue and we all agreed that Chris’ brother was with us and that incident must have been his way of telling us he approved with a very loud thumbs up! It was such a humbling and gratifying experience. We are blessed to have been able to restore the bicycle that meant so much to Chris’ brother and to honor the touching memories that his family holds dear.




1973 Schwinn Apple Krate

Jay called the shop because he had been watching a Schwinn Apple Krate on Ebay and he wanted Noel’s opinion as to whether the bicycle was priced reasonably. After speaking with Noel, he decided to purchase the bike. Once he received it, he brought it in for Noel to see in person and decided that he wanted us to do an overhaul and cleaning / detail on it to get it fully functional. Upon disassembly Noel noticed that there was yellow paint on the bicycle that was hidden by some of the parts used in the assembly. The bicycle may have actually been a lemon Peeler as opposed to an Apple Krate. Noel called Jay to let him know. Jay came in and saw the yellow paint areas firsthand. At that point, he asked Noel to properly paint the bicycle with the candy apple red color. Noel did just that and he also sourced water transfer Schwinn Apple Krate decals to complete the bicycle as a restored Schwinn Apple Krate. The chrome was in good condition so it was polished up. The bicycle came with all of the old Apple Krate accessories such as a baseball bat, ball glove, turn signals, lights, etc. It truly had everything! After the assembly was completed with all of the accessories installed, the restored Schwinn Apple Krate evolved. Jay was blown away when he saw it! It was everything and more that he envisioned. We sent the before and after photos of the bicycle to Jay and he promptly uploaded some of them to our google business page along with a 5 star review!


Custom Photo Shoot with 2 Schwinn Restorations, a Custom Sting Ray, & a Cool Old Truck

Once we restored the Schwinn Panther, Schwinn Black Phantom, and created a custom Sting Ray with a Phantom paint scheme, we thought it would be cool to do a custom photo shoot with a cool old truck. The shoot took us back into nostalgia and made us think about simpler times! Click on the main picture to see all of the pictures! Enjoy!




1977 Schwinn Sting Ray Custom Restoration - Phantom Ray

After restoring several Schwinn bicycles, such as a Panther and 2 Black Phantoms, Noel thought it would be cool to find a Sting Ray and paint it with a Phantom paint scheme. They're not super easy to come by, but as luck and possibly fate would have it, the next day, one of our customers donated a Schwinn Sting Ray that had been painted to commemorate a special moment for someone in his family. He no longer wanted the bicycle and wanted to donate it to us to pay it forward. Noel couldn't believe it! It was exactly what he wanted for his next project! In no time at all he started disassembly and began stripping paint. Afterwards, he did his usual magic of sandblasting, priming, paint, and masking for the Phantom look. He used replacement parts for the tires and tubes, cleaned up the chrome, and ordered NOS Schwinn Sting Ray decals. The bike turned out beautiful when Noel finished his craft. Now we have a Custom Schwinn Sting Ray with a Schwinn Black Phantom paint scheme! It's a one of a kind jewel! Can you say Phantom Ray or The Phantom of the Sting Ray? Too cool!


1953 Schwinn Panther Restoration

John lives in New Port Richey. He wanted to have his wife’s 1953 Schwinn Panther bicycle fully restored for her. She got it for her birthday from her Dad when she turned 10 years old. Her Dad always bought the best high end quality items available for his daughter and it meant so much to her. Since John is visually challenged, he asked his daughter Kathy to search for restoration shops. She found us online and contacted us about the restoration. The bike had been restored previously but it was missing some of the parts that would have come on the bicycle. This time, John wanted the bicycle to look and function like it came straight out of the Schwinn catalog. Therefore, we sourced NOS replacement parts for S2 Schwinn rims, period correct hubs, Schwinn crank with bearings, NOS Schwinn fenders, NOS delta horn assembly, NOS Delta Rocket Ray light, NOS Schwinn red grips, and a correct chain guard and tank. We also ordered Schwinn Panther dry transfer decals for the frame and chain guard. New parts were also purchased, such as tires, tubes, rim strips, chain, and pedals. After the bicycle was disassembled all of the small rusty parts were sent out to be re-chromed. Afterwards, Noel stripped, sand blasted, primed, and masked off the bicycle for a Schwinn Panther paint scheme. Once the paint was complete, Noel painted the seat pan and recovered the saddle with tan leather. When the parts came back from chrome, Noel rebuilt the wheels with stainless steel spokes and reassembled the bicycle. Kathy brought John in to pick up the bicycle on the day before his wife’s birthday. Although he couldn’t see it, he could hear the passion in Noel’s voice as he described the attention to detail that was taken to restore the bicycle. John felt every detail with his hands as Noel described how he restored it. It was at that moment that we told John and Kathy that the bicycle had been revealed worldwide during the previous week on Fox 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay when our business was featured on Charley’s World. It was very exciting! John’s wife is in her 70s now and we are confident that she will enjoy the heartfelt gift that John chose to give her for her birthday!




1957 Schwinn Corvette Restoration

Becky lives in Sydney, Ohio but vacations in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She found us online and came in with a Schwinn Corvette bicycle that she has had since she was a teenager . The bicycle was in pretty rough shape and needed a full restoration including re-chroming of her rusty parts. Since, her husband bought her a 1957 Corvette automobile which was in the process of being fully restored in Ohio, she also wanted her bicycle restored. Noel quickly disassembled the bicycle and sent all of the rusty parts out for re-chroming. The frame and fork were sandblasted, primed, and masked off in preparation for paint. NOS Schwinn grips were ordered. The original Schwinn fenders were cleaned up instead of re-chromed since they were still in decent condition. Other parts such as tires, tubes, rim strips, and spokes were ordered as replacement parts. Schwinn dry transfer decals were ordered for installation on the chain guard once it got painted. Noel painted the bicycle frame and fork with a Schwinn Corvette paint scheme which included pin striping and carefully applied the dry transfer decals to the chain guard. He also painted the seat pan and recovered the saddle with new leather that he hand sewed. Once the chrome parts came back, Noel rebuilt the two wheels with new spokes and reassembled the bicycle. Becky loved the bicycle when she saw it and said that she fully intended to ride it to remind her of her younger days. So, when in Tarpon Springs, look for Becky on her fully restored Schwinn Corvette bicycle! It may even show up at a few car shows next to the fully restored 1957 Corvette automobile!


1980s Chicago Made Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe Restorations / Preservations

Jill found our website searching for bicycle restorations. Her husband Don had 2 old rusty Schwinn Cruisers that were very sentimental to him. He remembers days from his youth when he and his brother used to ride them all over their farm. Therefore, he wanted them functionally restored with the rusty patina kept intact. After Jill dropped off the cruisers, Don stopped in to talk with Noel about the details he envisioned. Noel showed him other projects in progress and all available options for restoration / preservation. Don decided to go with preservation of the frame and fork to keep the patina finish. The wheels and other parts were too far gone to preserve so he selected replacement parts. Most of the replacement parts were black to give the bikes a stealth look. Once the re-assembly was complete, 2 awesome Rat Rods emerged. They sat on the showroom floor for a couple of weeks. Our customers responded to them with “Wow! Those are amazing!” “I love that look!” “How much are they?” Needless to say to the dismay of our interested customers, they weren’t for sale. The bikes went home to their original owner who was very pleased. They looked fantastic and rode extremely well. We are blessed to be able to help restore and preserve not only bicycles but also important memories for our very valued clients! Stay tuned for our next projects!




1972 Schwinn Varsity Restoration

Tim had his Schwinn Varsity since he was 7 years old. He used to ride the bicycle while delivering newspapers. It was his best friend. As the years progressed, he grew up, other things became bigger priorities for him, and he lost track of the bike. He thought he’d never see it again, but it had been stored away. He recently reacquired it but it was in pretty rough shape with the exception of the original paint. That’s when he found iride. He decided to bring the bike to us for restoration. We completely disassembled the bike, cleaned up the rusty parts, buffed out the original paint, re-spoked the original Schwinn rims with new spokes, ran new cables, installed new tires, handlebar tape, chain, freewheel, brake pads, tires, and tubes. The bicycle turned out really nice. Tim was so excited when he picked it up! He sent us an email when he got home. “I couldn’t be happier... you guys magically brought my childhood memories back to life!! Couldn’t wait to get home and ride my old Varsity. I jumped on the seat and all the years melted away... I found myself back in 1972! Thank you for making it all possible ... I love it! You guys are awesome ...and special. “


1967 Schwinn Stingray Restoration

Hutch’s wife drove by our shop and saw bicycles outside. She quickly turned around and stopped in to see us. She noticed a bunch of our vintage Schwinn bicycles and fell in love. While she was here Noel showed her some of the restorations that were in progress. She was blown away. She said I’m sending my husband here! He has some old bikes that he’s going to need to have restored. The next day, Hutch arrived with his Schwinn stingray. He instantly knew that he found the right place to get his bicycle restored. He wanted to keep as many parts as possible original, but some of his parts were beyond salvage, so we sourced vintage Schwinn replacement parts from eBay, such as the stem, fenders, crank, sprocket, chain guard, rear wheel and dry transfer decals. Originally he wanted the bicycle painted the same color red that it was to begin with but when he saw the custom low rider that was painted a metallic purple, he had to have that color. Noel worked his magic with the paint gun and the metallic purple came out spectacular! Once the reassembly and finishing touches were completed, Hutch picked up the bike. He couldn’t believe it! It exceeded his expectations. He stared at it for a while taking in every detail then proudly road it around the parking lot. He’s another happy customer who now rides like iride!




Prewar Lodbell Horizontal Spring Saddle Restoration for 1938/1939 Shelby Traveler Bicycle

This particular saddle was very rare and only came on a small number of bicycles. Notice the sideways springs! It was in very rough shape when it arrived on the Shelby bicycle. We fully disassembled the saddle and had part of the springs nickel plated like some of the other parts on the bicycle. The seat pan and other spring parts were painted black. The original rubber molded padding was still re-useable so Noel glued it in place and built up foam padding to get to the proper thickness, look, and shape. The holes in the seat pan where the prior stitching adhered to was completely gone. Noel welded a new piece of metal to the pan and drilled probably a hundred small holes into the new metal to hold the stitching. New soft, black leather was cut and molded to the built up seat pan and hand stitched into place. The restoration of the Lodbell saddle turned out spectacular! We found another restored saddle on Ebay that sold for $1,800 by itself! Iride is the place if you have any rare saddles that need restoration!


1938/1939 Shelby Traveler Bicycle

Watso phoned us from Miami inquiring about our restoration services for a 1930s Shelby Traveler bicycle. After our conversation, he decided to drive it up to us on the same day. For him this was a labor of love project. He said, “I don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs.” He just wanted a beautifully restored bicycle that he could give away to someone very special in his life. Frank adopted Watso when he was about 4 years old. Watso was a handful and at some point was separated from Frank as his adopted father. They lost contact for more than 50 years. When Watso became an adult he always wanted to reconnect with Frank but he wasn’t sure how well he would be received. He thought Frank might not want to reunite with him or hang up on him if he called. Nevertheless, he happened to be looking at obituaries in Sydney, Ohio where Frank and the bike were from, and found the name Frank P. Sarver listed. He wasn’t sure if that was his Frank or someone else with a similar name. He began to google search for Frank. He found a Frank Pemberton Sarver in Venice, Florida. It turned out to be him! The phone call went extremely well and Watso jumped on the next plane to Venice to visit Frank. It was like they never parted and none of the years had passed between their last time together. Frank was in his 90s with declining health so he gave the Shelby bicycle to Watso who decided that he wanted to do something really special for Frank. Apparently Frank had been quite popular in Sydney, Ohio for riding his Shelby Traveler bicycle. His father Floyd had bought it for him when he was a young boy. His brother received one also at the same time. However, Frank and his bicycle were inseparable. He rode it down the court house steps in Sydney where he broke the original front fork and added a few custom dents and scratches. Frank even starred in a play as a young boy and the writer of the play decided to rewrite some of the scenes to include Frank’s bicycle since the whole town knew that Frank and his bicycle were best friends. Due to Frank’s admiration and vast history with his bicycle, Watso wanted to get it fully restored so he could give it back to Frank and make him feel like a young boy again. Watso insisted on keeping Fran’s custom dents on the top tube and other areas of the bicycle because that was Frank. We did exactly what he wanted. The pictures tell the restoration story. When Frank received the restored bicycle, Watso said he had the biggest smile that he had ever seen! Watso called us and invited us to Venice to have dinner with him and Frank. We are looking forward to seeing both of them very soon. The story doesn’t end there though. While the Shelby was going out of our shop, a couple from Ohio brought in a Schwinn Corvette from Sydney, Ohio of all places for restoration. The couple connected with Watso right away who told them that they came to the right place. The world just got a little smaller. Stay tuned for updates on the Schwinn Corvette.




Vintage Schwinn Le Tour Bicycle

Eric found us online while searching for restorations. He called the shop and asked about the various levels of restoration and associated costs. After our discussion, he decided that we were the shop to restore his Vintage Schwinn Le Tour bicycle and that he would bring it to us from Sarasota. When he brought the bicycle into the shop, it was in pretty rough shape. We agreed to repaint the frame and fork, the original red Schwinn color. We also found Schwinn Le Tour N.O.S. decals and clear coated over the entire bicycle. Some of the chrome parts were too far gone to clean up, so we went with a little bit of a modern flair and added a new Tektro brake set, all new cables, black OPS pedals, tange headset, sealed bottom bracket, new front and rear derailleurs, and N.O.S. Suntour shifters. We were able to save the original rims and relace them with new spokes. It goes without saying that he got a new freewheel, chain, grips, tires, tubes, and rim strips to finish out the build. It turned out absolutely stunning. Eric was totally blown away! He plans to give the restored bicycle to his son who is currently in graduate school pursuing his Ph.D. It was such a pleasure to do such an important project for a future doctor! Since Eric was so pleased with this project, he plans to bring other bicycles from Sarasota to us for future work. We are blessed!


The Guinness Grinder Custom Fixie

Sometimes you have to build something really cool for yourself and that’s exactly what Noel did. The concept started from a bottle of Guinness Stout. It turns out that beer labels can be used as head badges on a bicycle. Noel custom painted an entry level Benotto bicycle from the early eighties with a black and tan theme to resemble a Guinness draught beer. He added other accents to the bike from the beer bottle such as the label from the back of the bottle with some gold pin stripe accents. He also used the beer cap on the top of the stem which looks sweet. The bicycle is equipped with sealed bearings throughout. It also has a vintage 1973 brooks saddle. The bicycle is complete with a vintage Campagnolo bottle opener purchased new in 1984 which sits conveniently behind the bottle cage. To top off the build Noel found Guinness water bottles! Since this bike turned out so awesome there will be more theme bikes coming in the future.




Hutch Trick Star Bicycle

Jimmy contacted us one day about restoring his Hutch Trick Star Bicycle that had been pretty neglected. This was one of the very popular BMX bikes from the eighties. It was a huge challenge because it was a chrome bicycle that was pretty rusty and we needed to preserve the original decals. We ordered new tires, pedals, and grips. Noel cleaned up almost all of the rust and painted the chain sprocket black. He also dyed the original seat black. It looked practically new once Noel finished his work. Jimmy was blown away. The bike came out better than he imagined. He has another BMX bike that he will be sending to us for restoration! Gotta love that repeat business!


Huffy Easy Going

Joseph found us through our website. He lives in Lakeland, about an hour and a half from our shop. However, he had no problem driving over to have his girlfriend’s Huffy Easy Going Bicycle restored. He wanted it done for her because she had it since she was a child. It was rusty and dusty but mostly complete. He had a budget and a timeline so we took special care to make it all happen within both for him. The bicycle appeared brown until we stripped the paint and found out that the real color was more of a gold metallic. Fortunately, we were able to match the paint to the original color. We replaced many of the chrome parts because they were too far gone and it was cheaper to replace than to have the parts re-chromed. Joseph also insisted that we add a pink basket, grips, and bell. We took care of that and created a decal with block letters for the chain guard. Joseph kept it a secret until his girlfriend saw that he gave us a deposit for the work on their debit card. At that point he had to tell her what was going on but he didn’t give her any details. When she saw the bicycle she was super surprised. She had no idea that it would look better than when it was new. She couldn’t wait to get back home with the bicycle to show her family and friends. Joseph got a huge hug and kiss!




Custom Low Rider

Mike bought a low rider bicycle from another one of our customers. It was green with black accents. We convinced him that it had much more potential. He didn’t realize that we did restoration services until we showed him some of the other builds in the shop. That was it! He said he wanted a purple frame with everything else blacked out. We ordered a set of 25 inch hi rise handlebars in black, a set of black pedals, and a black mud flap. Noel painted the frame a beautiful sparkling purple and painted the stem, sissy bar, seat post, kickstand, and springer fork flat black. We also ordered chrome spike valve caps and axle nuts from eBay. Mike had his seat custom covered with black leather and purple stitching. He also added a spiked pad for the stem. The bike turned out great! It won first place in the Patriot’s Day Bicycle Show in Plant City in November!


Schwinn BF Goodrich Streamliner

Ken brought us a partially restored BF Goodrich Streamliner in pieces in a box. Ken had the frame and fork painted red and he had a white vinyl wrap put on the bicycle. The things that weren’t done were fenders and pin striping on the wheels, as well as complete assembly. Noel had to cut the front fender and weld a brace for the period correct light kit which he ordered from eBay. He also matched the red paint scheme already on the bike to the fenders, and painted the white pin stripes on them. Noel also hand painted the red pin striping on the wheels. He was able to get the horn and light working properly which was really important to Ken. When Ken saw it he was amazed! He brought Noel another 3 bicycles to restore! Repeat business is awesome!




Custom Low Rider Bicycle

Matt can’t get enough of our restoration services! Not only did we restore 2 bicycles for his twin girls for Christmas last year, he had us custom assemble a bicycle for his father, and he brought us a basket case low rider that he wanted restored. It was a real challenge! Some parts were totally missing. Noel mixed up black cherry merlot paint for the frame, rims, and other parts. The paint changes colors in the sun! Noel also did lots of custom work such as cutting of the chain guard to a shorter length and converting the wheels to 72 spokes by totally rebuilding them. The rear wheel was even converted to a 3 speed as well. We also found a laid back seat post and decent chain. Matt supplied the seat, grips, and pedals. For the finishing touch, Noel added chrome flame decals to the top tube. Matt lost his mind when he saw the bike. When he took it for a ride he said “It’s the best bicycle I’ve ever had”! This one for sure will be a trophy winner someday.


Columbia Bicycle

This is the second bicycle we restored for Ava. Her first bike was a restored Sears muscle bicycle that she received last year. Her sister Abby got a restored Kia muscle bicycle as well. They are twins after all so they both wanted cool bicycles. Ava had a major growth spurt and grew out of her Sears bicycle quickly. She saw an old Columbia Bicycle in our shop and told her Mom that she wanted it, but she wanted it restored. She wanted it custom painted teal with purple dropouts. Since the bicycle she rode at our shop was complete, Noel found an old Columbia frame and fork which he stripped, sand blasted, primed, and painted to her specifications. We ordered new shiny fenders and new white wall tires for the project. We had the rest of the new parts in stock including the old school reflectors and grips. The bicycle came out beautiful. Ava’s response when she saw it was both thumbs up! She should be able to ride the bicycle for many years to come!




Dyno Detour Bicycle

Brandon brought us a pretty rusted Dyno Detour bicycle that he wanted restored. He wanted to have it powder coated so we sent it out to AB Powder Coating who we use as our powder coat vendor. Noel photographed and disassembled the bicycle so that he could make sure that all of the parts came back from the vendor. Brandon ordered reproduction decals for it, which Noel installed once he reassembled the bicycle. Brandon was absolutely thrilled with the results!


Creamsicle Dream Machine

Sebastian brought us a rough tricycle that he wanted transformed into his vision. When I say rough, I mean really rough. It was painted with a weird gold looking color with the rear basket held together with a dog leash! What Sebastian wanted was “The Creamsicle Dream Machine”. Noel took the tricycle apart and started working on stripping the frame. He primed and painted it the custom color of creamsicle. Other parts were painted the same color while others were painted white to go with the creamsicle theme. We purchased and painted a new fork. We also purchased a canopy and wide 2.5 tires for the build. Since Sebastian is a rather tall man, Noel had to fabricate braces to raise the rear basket and canopy up so that Sebastian could ride it. We had a custom head badge created for it and a custom rear license plate created for finishing touches. Sebastian was blown away at the reveal. He told Noel that “He knocked it out of the park”!




Trek Lemond Carbon bicycle

Jessica brought in her Trek Lemond Carbon bicycle which she wanted repainted. She put many thousands of miles on the bicycle and it showed. The color she picked was close to Florida Gator blue. She also purchased new components for the bicycle. We had a very small timeline to complete the project because she was getting ready to move out of state. Noel worked his magic again by stripping the original paint, sand blasting the frame and fork. He primed and painted the bicycle her chosen color. Jessica decided to keep the bicycle stealth so we did not add decals once it was repainted. We finished it within her timeline and budget and she was thrilled. Even though she moved out of state, she still follows us on Facebook.


Schwinn Heavy Duti

Kim checked out our restorations on our website and called us about a 1960s Schwinn Heavy Duti. She wanted it restored for her father within a budget. Her Father had the bicycle as a child and it was sold at some point. Kim was lucky enough to find it years later at a yard sale. Originally she hoped to be able to give it to him for Christmas, but our restoration schedule was booked up beyond Christmas. Therefore, we agreed upon Father’s Day for the reveal. Noel got to work on the bike while he was working on other projects simultaneously. He disassembled the bicycle, and cleaned up many of the chrome parts in the parts washer. Some parts that were too far gone were replaced with new parts or eBay purchases. Noel stripped the paint, sand blasted the frame and fork, primed, and painted the bicycle its original color. Once he reassembled it, the bicycle looked as it had when Kim’s Father had it years ago. Kim was overjoyed! She gave it to her Father as planned on Father’s Day. He was speechless! He called our shop and told Noel that he made an old man very happy and drove him to tears of joy. That’s why Noel does this stuff! We have another satisfied customer!




Armstrong 3 speed Cruiser Bicycle

Ann came into the shop with an old Armstrong 3 speed cruiser which she wanted restored for her son. He was the one who purchased the bicycle. He has an old soul and is a really great kid who loves vintage bicycles. There was no rush on the project. They just wanted the bicycle fully restored. Noel did his magic again. He stripped the paint, sand blasted the frame and fork, primed, and painted the bicycle black. He also overhauled the 3 speed hub as well as the rest of the mechanics of the older bicycle. To top the whole thing off, we ordered a new Brooks Saddle. The bike came out so nice! It looks like a brand new old English 3 speed! Mission accomplished once again!


Schwinn & Ryder Muscle Bikes

Matt has twin girls. He bought a couple of pretty rough muscle bikes from us last year and tried to paint and re-assemble them himself for his girls. They didn’t turn out to his liking so he brought both bikes to us and begged us to get them totally restored by Christmas! One of the girls wanted baby blue while the other wanted sparkly purple. We ordered chrome 20 inch, 72 spoke wheels for each bicycle. Matt ordered lots of other accessories to make the bikes pop. Noel worked mornings, evenings, and even on his Sundays off to get the bikes done in time for Christmas. The bikes turned out great! The girls were totally surprised and had a wonderful Christmas.




Trailmate Tricycle

Ian brought in his Trailmate Tricycle for a full restoration. He wanted a custom forest green satin finish. This was a rush job because Ian depends on his tricycle to get his exercise and take his dogs for a walk every night. We tried to do it in three weeks but it took a little longer because Noel had to weld areas of the frame that had broken. Other than the welding, it was the usual scenario. Noel stripped off the powder coating and got the trike back to bare metal in order to sand blast, fill, prime, seal, and paint it. We had the color custom mixed to get the shade just right. After it was all said and done, we threw in a safety flag since the trike sits so low to the ground. Ian was thrilled when he saw it! He said, “ It looks and rides better than when it was new!”


Schwinn Continental

Daniel had his Schwinn Continental road bike since he was a kid. He had stopped in several times to see other restorations in progress in the shop and to get an estimate to restore his own bicycle. He knew that Noel was the guy he wanted for his project. Once again, Noel stripped down the bike, sand blasted, primed, and painted it the original black color. He even went the extra mile by ordering authentic Schwinn water transfer decals for the bicycle. The bicycle restoration was stunning! Daniel’s comment when he came to pick up his bike was, “now that’s what I’m talking about!”




Royal Enfield Tricycle

Penny saw some of our restorations on our website and brought us a folding Royal Enfield tricycle from Tampa. She wanted it restored for her mother. Her Mom wanted it painted yellow with a big comfy set cover. Some of the chrome was too rusty to be cleaned up so Noel painted it white. He did the usual with the frame and fork, took it down to metal, sand blasted, primed, and painted it. He also hand painted the head badge, added a custom decal, mirror, and light kit. As you can see by the pictures, it came out pretty well. Per Penny, “Mom loves her trike!”


Mary Brady Tricycle

So, we had a rusty tricycle out in front of the store that we were trying to sell as-is. That’s when we met Rus. She was preparing for knee surgery and wanted us to restore the trike for her so that she could rehab her knee after the surgery. She wanted the color to be “Kiss My Ass” Red with white trim. Noel took the trike apart, stripped it down to metal, sand blasted it and painted it the special “Kiss My Ass Red”. The process took several weeks and ran in tandem with her knee surgery. After the surgery she called and said that she decided to name the trike “The Mary Brady”, like a ship, because it would be her vessel back to recovery and she kind of liked the lady who sold it to her. She got exactly what she wanted, custom decal and all! Once it was completed, we delivered it and christened it accordingly. Rus stops in every once in a while to let us know how she’s doing. Good luck on a full recovery Rus!




Schwinn Fair Lady

Rose brought in the Schwinn Fair Lady to have it restored for her granddaughter. It was quite rusty but it had mostly original parts. She wanted it restored as much as possible within her budget. As usual, Noel performed his magic. He stripped the frame and fork down to the metal, sand blasted, primed, and painted it pink. Some of the chrome parts were too rusty to be cleaned up so he replaced them. The finishing touch was the decal. Rose picked up the bicycle on the Saturday before the last Biff’s Burger bicycle show. She entered it in the show’s contest for the muscle bikes and people’s choice categories. She took the top trophies in both categories! Needless to say, Rose is a very happy customer!