Noel’s Corner


Armstrong 3 speed Cruiser Bicycle

Ann came into the shop with an old Armstrong 3 speed cruiser which she wanted restored for her son. He was the one who purchased the bicycle. He has an old soul and is a really great kid who loves vintage bicycles. There was no rush on the project. They just wanted the bicycle fully restored. Noel did his magic again. He stripped the paint, sand blasted the frame and fork, primed, and painted the bicycle black. He also overhauled the 3 speed hub as well as the rest of the mechanics of the older bicycle. To top the whole thing off, we ordered a new Brooks Saddle. The bike came out so nice! It looks like a brand new old English 3 speed! Mission accomplished once again!


Schwinn & Ryder Muscle Bikes

Matt has twin girls. He bought a couple of pretty rough muscle bikes from us last year and tried to paint and re-assemble them himself for his girls. They didn’t turn out to his liking so he brought both bikes to us and begged us to get them totally restored by Christmas! One of the girls wanted baby blue while the other wanted sparkly purple. We ordered chrome 20 inch, 72 spoke wheels for each bicycle. Matt ordered lots of other accessories to make the bikes pop. Noel worked mornings, evenings, and even on his Sundays off to get the bikes done in time for Christmas. The bikes turned out great! The girls were totally surprised and had a wonderful Christmas.




Trailmate Tricycle

Ian brought in his Trailmate Tricycle for a full restoration. He wanted a custom forest green satin finish. This was a rush job because Ian depends on his tricycle to get his exercise and take his dogs for a walk every night. We tried to do it in three weeks but it took a little longer because Noel had to weld areas of the frame that had broken. Other than the welding, it was the usual scenario. Noel stripped off the powder coating and got the trike back to bare metal in order to sand blast, fill, prime, seal, and paint it. We had the color custom mixed to get the shade just right. After it was all said and done, we threw in a safety flag since the trike sits so low to the ground. Ian was thrilled when he saw it! He said, “ It looks and rides better than when it was new!”


Schwinn Continental

Daniel had his Schwinn Continental road bike since he was a kid. He had stopped in several times to see other restorations in progress in the shop and to get an estimate to restore his own bicycle. He knew that Noel was the guy he wanted for his project. Once again, Noel stripped down the bike, sand blasted, primed, and painted it the original black color. He even went the extra mile by ordering authentic Schwinn water transfer decals for the bicycle. The bicycle restoration was stunning! Daniel’s comment when he came to pick up his bike was, “now that’s what I’m talking about!”




Royal Enfield Tricycle

Penny saw some of our restorations on our website and brought us a folding Royal Enfield tricycle from Tampa. She wanted it restored for her mother. Her Mom wanted it painted yellow with a big comfy set cover. Some of the chrome was too rusty to be cleaned up so Noel painted it white. He did the usual with the frame and fork, took it down to metal, sand blasted, primed, and painted it. He also hand painted the head badge, added a custom decal, mirror, and light kit. As you can see by the pictures, it came out pretty well. Per Penny, “Mom loves her trike!”


Mary Brady Tricycle

So, we had a rusty tricycle out in front of the store that we were trying to sell as-is. That’s when we met Rus. She was preparing for knee surgery and wanted us to restore the trike for her so that she could rehab her knee after the surgery. She wanted the color to be “Kiss My Ass” Red with white trim. Noel took the trike apart, stripped it down to metal, sand blasted it and painted it the special “Kiss My Ass Red”. The process took several weeks and ran in tandem with her knee surgery. After the surgery she called and said that she decided to name the trike “The Mary Brady”, like a ship, because it would be her vessel back to recovery and she kind of liked the lady who sold it to her. She got exactly what she wanted, custom decal and all! Once it was completed, we delivered it and christened it accordingly. Rus stops in every once in a while to let us know how she’s doing. Good luck on a full recovery Rus!




Schwinn Fair Lady

Rose brought in the Schwinn Fair Lady to have it restored for her granddaughter. It was quite rusty but it had mostly original parts. She wanted it restored as much as possible within her budget. As usual, Noel performed his magic. He stripped the frame and fork down to the metal, sand blasted, primed, and painted it pink. Some of the chrome parts were too rusty to be cleaned up so he replaced them. The finishing touch was the decal. Rose picked up the bicycle on the Saturday before the last Biff’s Burger bicycle show. She entered it in the show’s contest for the muscle bikes and people’s choice categories. She took the top trophies in both categories! Needless to say, Rose is a very happy customer!


Kia Kids Bicycle

This is the second restoration done for special customers who have purchased several bicycles from us. We restored a sears muscle bike for Ava for last Christmas because she is an eight year old girl with an old soul who didn't want a Disney princess bike! She got a blue sears muscle bike fully restored. Once Ava got her bicycle, her twin sister Abby also wanted one. We were able to get our hands on a pretty rough Kia muscle bike frame (bicycles were also made by the car company). Abby wanted hers to be yellow and have a flower seat. Noel made sure to get it just right and exactly the way she wanted. They are super happy customers!




Schwinn 70s Tricycle Restoration

This one was a real challenge to get done right within the customer's budget. It took nearly 3 months to complete. The 3 speed hub was overhauled, the wheels were completely rebuilt, the frame was pained a two stage candy blue, and the former chrome pieces that did not clean up well were painted silver to make the tricycle look almost new.


Side By Side Tandem Restoration

This one was a joy to complete because it was for Jess and Sharon. Jess is blind but he wanted to be able to ride next to Sharon to be with her and get some exercise. Jess called us once Sharon found us on the web and asked about our restoration services. He is no stranger to vintage bicycles and what it takes to restore them. They drove all the way from Holiday, Florida to have us do the restoration for them. It was a massive undertaking and it took up a bunch of floor space. We sent the frame out for powder coating and performed the rest of the restoration in-house. It took about 2 months to complete but once again we got the mission accomplished and very happy customers!


Tandem Restoration3


Black & Tan Project created from Electra Amsterdam Bicycle

This one was the most challenging one yet. The customer was very specific in how he wanted his black & tan to look, down to the gold braided cable housing! We had less than one week to disassemble, get parts back from powder coating, order other new parts, and reassemble the bicycle. It took a lot of coordinating with the customer, and the powder coaters, but together we all pulled off our pieces of the restoration and there you have it... the one and only custom black & tan! The customer was so happy he brought us a twelve pack of Bud Light and two cannolis! Gotta love it when that happens!